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Corrosion is a major concern for numerous public projects. One of the most effective ways to prevent this costly issue from occurring is by applying the right type of coating. EA Wilcox Company Inc. provides industrial coating consulting for various infrastructures, including bridges, wastewater systems, pipelines, and storage tanks. We use Moisture-Cure Urethane made by Wasser and products from Global EcoTechnologies, Inc.—Home of ENDURA-FLEX®. Both of these well-established manufacturers have built reputations for high success rates. Our sales engineers also work with clients on forming specifications to prepare for bids.

Gas Pipeline with EF1988 Exterior Coating

La Grande Tanks

AT&T Ball Park

Large Pipe with EF1988 Interior Lining

Endura Flex: Marin Municipal Water District Clarifier

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Our industrial coating consulting firm in Corte Madera, California, is under contract in the state to provide sales engineering and technical services to contractors, engineers, and asset owners. Backed by many decades of experience, we are well-known for our abilities to solve problems protecting against concrete deterioration. In fact, most of our business comes from word of mouth.

Memberships & Contracts

  • The Society for Protective Coatings (SSPC)
  • NACE International - The Worldwide Corrosion Authority

Exclusive Contracts with Wasser and Global EcoTechnologies, Inc.

Wasser Advanced Coatings Technology

Global EcoTechnologies


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